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International Manufacturing Industries

Welcome to our business site!

We are very excited about the progress in light gauge steel framing. You will start to see more products, builders and homeowners using steel for construction.

We have now expanded our services for your convinence. We can now provide you with a complete package. We will give you pricing and information on IMI light gauge steel wall panels, IMI trusses and labor for the complete framing.

We are also distributors of IMI Fast Arch for Arizona, California and New Mexico. We can provide you with Arches, Niches, Barreled Celings, Domes, Radial Track and Specialty Radial Products.

New Products
- IMI Light Gauge Steel Wall Panels
- IMI Light Gauge Steel Trusses
- IMI Fast Arch
- IMI Fast Track

Framed Building; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This location is our latest project. The subdivision is located at Shannon & Overton, Tucson, AZ. (click on the picture for a link to the project's portfolio)

Working Territories

We are happy to announce the availability of our services to Arizona, California and New Mexico. We are prepared to supply and work with builders and designers in these three states.

Please leave us a message or questions you may have.

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